The perfect technique to design an individual profile by edging.

Metal Edging

Uncompromising precision is our speciality. Even -or just- with standard technologies of sheet metal working, folding and bending. Narrow radii, short side lengths, moulding/embossing/stamping or fine bending- you can expect constant top quality for any component geometry and any thickness of sheet metal.

The most modern edge moulding and bending machines like the Trumassend of the
V Series from Trumpf enable the highest degree of accuracy, which, thanks to efficient functions, even allows production with special speed:

CNC -crown bow/camber - with individually calculated moulding power and. depending on specific wave shape, the corners obtain a maximal accuracy over the whole bending length.

Angle sensor technology - So that every bending angle reaches the desired set value, during the metal forming process, measurements are constantly taken and automatically adjusted. A quality intensification which fulfils the strictest parameters.

6-axial-back edge guide- this superior system links up manifold production tasks and a wide spectrum of parts with a high degree of accuracy and shorter setting-up times.