Laser Cutting

Laser cutting: Far-reaching techniques for producing perfectly formed, ready-for-assembly products

Laser Cutting

For your requirements of the highest standards and precision products we give everything: Our comprehensive technological know-how in such disciplines as laser cutting, flat lasers, laser combinations and laser welding, as well as ultra modern technical equipment with first class applications like the Trumatic L5030, the Trumpf Sheetmaster and others.

Whenever complex inner and outer contours are to be designed lasing is the ideal method, whether it is a prototype, sample or mass production, whether it is thick or thin sheet metal, or in two or three dimensional design.

In the case of the laser combi, with stamping and lasing we combine two procedures into a especially effective technology. In only one setting each part is completely finished. From standard contours like rectangular holes to complex stamping as in thread-moulding, we produce, in this way, quickly and to a high standard.

Our experience in laser welding we will apply successfully for you if,
when assembling components, especially narrow, hard and thus flexible welds are required, as for example, in vertical pipe welds.