Metal Spinning

Metal spinning - with method and high pressure, at its best, step by step.

Metal spinning

Metal spinning is a highly optimised production process in the production of rotational, symmetrical, seamless hollow parts/tube blanks and allows us to offer a competitive wide range of products from such industries as machine and vehicle manufacture, right up to laboratory or medical science technologies.


The essential advantage of metal spinning lies in the hardness of the metal, accompanied by an economy of material and weight. With this process of cold working the blank mould is placed in rotation. The spinning rollers then shape the parts in stages till it touches the innermost spinning mandrel, and the final geometry is reached.

Our metal spinning technology, based on the highest technological scientific knowledge, enables us to regulate exactly the wall thicknesses, to consequently reduce the weight, as well as produce cost effective prototypes. All this completed with the most minimal tolerances and best surface structures, even in the most complicated and complex shapes. We are supported in this by the use of high performance Leifeld metal spinning machines.